WORKSPACE is a leading edge, Dubai-based company specialized in design, manufacture and supply of modern office furniture. Providing designs, planning and furnishing services are provided though U.A.E. and G.C.C. offering creative solutions from range of high quality, affordable and trendy workplace furniture. Taking into account every project requirement, a team of talented designers will turn every dream office into existence.

WORKSPACE has created one stop shop for businesses and individuals to design, plan and choose their office furniture in a user friendly online platform while maintaining and providing all the necessary tools for projects planning and conventional B2B methods. 

In order to deliver the best in office furniture solutions, we have ranged ourselves with innovative solutions to offer wide lines of quality products. At the same time, we know that creating a practical office atmosphere is strictly a human endeavor. We believe that it’s people who drive businesses, and we know that the same goes for yours. We are proud to offer most practical, durable and affordable office furnishing solutions which we will make your workplace stand out from the competition.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Workspace.ae achieved the ISO 9001:2015 certification from VAI in Quality Management System (QMS). The certification is an internationally recognized standard, ensuring company processes related to products and services meet the requirements of customers through an effective quality management system.

The process to achieve ISO certification includes extensive preparation, evaluation and the documentation of processes across all departments within the company. This certificate confirms Workspace.ae’s continuous search for efficiency and quality improvement, while embracing innovation to stand out of the crowd with quality service and products

Project Based Quoting

Free Initial Budget Estimate to fully furnish your work space to estimate the total project price and evaluate the saving through the project.

Space Management and Consultancy

Ask for consultation in term of space management, project management , personalized planning, assessment budget development, purchasing and installation.

Choose Color, Finishes & Sizes

Workspace proving the option to customize the size, color and finish of your office furniture to meet requirement of every work space design vision and budget.

Office Furniture Manufacturing at Highest Standards

Extraordinary sturdiness, design quality and constant technical updating are what make the workspace manufactured furniture perfect example for reliability and practical efficiency, even in heavy-duty use with several work shifts per day, always with the guarantee of consistent reliability and lasting competitive advantages.

design office

We Help You Plan Your Office

Planning & Designing office space layouts could present an exceptional challenge for those in search of the way to best represent their company individuality and brand through their office space. Modern offices use various tools and methods to achieve the company goals, and must provide an array of different work styles and personality types.

Whether you are planning for a small office space or full floor corporate office, our consultants and architectures can assist you during this process to choose the best office furniture

Workspace Office Furniture has experience with office space planning, as well as knowledge of the best pieces the custom office furniture collection.