Standing Desks

Modern multi-motor height adjustable desks, unique design combined with innovative acoustic panels, cabinets and collaborative elements.

MAX Series Desk Frame

MAX Series Executive Desks

Height-adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution. Enhanced your workspace so people can sit or stand in comfort, adapting position to their activities. 

IF Design Award 2021

Award Winning
Desk Control

Innovative touchable and rotatable award winning desk control, perfect choice for office desks. The OLED can display and set sedentary functions, it has smooth lifting process and has 3 memory positions.

Height Adjustable Control
Max Series Mobile Folding Standing Desk

Max Series
Mobile Folding Standing Desk

Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Desk with Flip and Mobile Casters. This desk features height adjustable control, easy tabletop flip, high gloss tabletop can be used as whiteboard when flipped and mobile caster for easy relocation.

Max Pro
Height Adjustable Desks

Electrical control standing desk with side cabinet and 2x handle-less drawers. Built-in Anti-Collision Sensor and Wi-Motion Bluetooth® control module. Advanced digital memory keypad stores up to two heights, allowing to move between preset positions with touch of a bottom or through the mobile application. 

height adjustable desk
Max Series Workstation

Max Series Workstation

Work comfortably either sitting or standing. This desk comes with a fixed power sockets on the frame. Height Adjustable Desks tangibly adds to the quality of your work, allowing you to work at a higher function all day long. 

LEO Standing Desk

Minimalist mobile table with easy lift solution. Free movement, easy conversion multi-purpose height adjustable desk


Office Design Visualization Tool

WDS is an innovative office interior and furniture design visualization tool developed by WORKSPACE to assist businesses, interior designers and individuals choose the best material color combinations.

By providing multiple ready office space scenarios, you can visualize how the furniture, colors and design elements that you are considering will come together in your finished space.