High Tables and Stools

Comfortable seating, tables and surfaces, relaxation and entertainment.

High Tables and Stools

Modern High Stools

A high table and stools can also be a great addition to an office setting, particularly in areas like collaborative spaces, meeting rooms, or informal workspaces.

Modern High Table and Stools
Ava Series Meeting Table

High Meeting Table

Standing bar-height table promoting dynamic and collaborative work environment.

Veneer Wooden
High Table and Chairs

Combines the beauty of natural wood with cost-effectiveness, versatility, and durability achieving the aesthetic appeal of wood.

Dining Tables

Savannah Wood Veneer High Table

EXO Modern Furniture
AED 4,950
Savannah veneer wood high table combines the elegance and warmth of a real wood. This table is taller than a regular table with a height of 105 cm. The table top material is plywood red oak veneer while the table base is solid wood red oak with oil finishing and natural color. This is often used in office pantry or areas where casual and elevated seating...

Birch Wood Veneer Bar Stool

EXO Modern Furniture
AED 620
Scandinavian-inspired bar stool features red oak veneer solidwood with oil finishing and natural color. The chair combines the elegance and warmth of a real wood. The height of the chair is around 107cm which perfectly fits the standard counter tables or high tables.
Venner Wooden Table and Stool
Wooden Dining Set

Dining Table and Chairs

Boosting workplace functionality and establishing a welcoming and comfortable work environment.

Dining Chairs

Birch Wood Veneer Multi-Purpose Chair

EXO Modern Furniture
AED 475
Scandinavian-inspired multi purpose chair features red oak veneer solidwood with oil finishing and natural color. This is a perfect chair for dining, visitor chair or even for educational chair.
Visitor Chairs

Feta Minimalist Multi-purpose Chair

AED 395
Contemporary minimalist multipurpose chair, an ideal chair for modern office spaces. The design is very classic manufactured with innovative materials. The back rest comes in plastic, the seat is made of natural oak veneer, and the base is slim skid frame powder coated steel. This chair is a stackable which stacks up to 3 chairs, ideal for simple and...
Visitor Chairs

Feta Minimalist Four-Seater Dining Set

AED 2,600
Contemporary minimalist Four-Seater integrated dining set. The seats and table are linked together providing comfortable and inviting seating. Table top and seats are made of natural oak veneer making it durable and suits minimalist and modern spaces.

Modern Bar Stools

Modern Bar Stools