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Office Furniture, Redefined
Project Based Quoting

Project Based Quoting

Free Initial Budget Estimate to fully furnish your work space and estimate the total project cost, as well as evaluate saving opportunities.

Space Management and Consultancy

Space Management and Consultancy

Ask for consultation for space management, project management , personalized planning, assessment budget development, purchasing and installation.

Colors and Finishes

Choose Color, Finishes & Sizes

Providing hundreds of options to customize the size, color and finish of your office furniture to meet the requirements of every company and individual.

Innovative and Exclusive Materials and Finishes

Workspace creates a modern workplace with award-winning ST19 boards and innovative office furniture combining trendy materials and sleek design.

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Innovative Materials and Finishes
Design Awards

Excellent products in the areas of product design, functionality, communication design, and concepts.


WDS is an innovative office interior and furniture design visualization tool developed by WORKSPACE to assist businesses, interior designers and individuals choose the best material color combinations.

By providing multiple ready office space scenarios, you can visualize how the furniture, colors and design elements that you are considering will come together in your finished space.

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Crafted with Premium Quality Hardware, Hinges, and Worktops. Seamlessly combines technology and craftmanship that elevates user experience.

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