Office Solutions

A full range of chairs that suit every purpose & setting.

Carbon chair
leather chair
Premium type of office chair with back
and head support, providing superior
comfort for the entire upper body.

Super Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs

Enhanced level of comfort and support provided by unique materials and advanced technology. These chairs includes more adjustable components that improve seating experience.

Providing maximum comfort and support to the user. These chairs can create a more productive and employee-centric work environment.

Ergonomic Chairs
Sharp Ergonomic Executive Chairs

Executive Chairs

Ergonomically designed chair that features comfort, support, and healthy body positioning during extended periods of sitting.
Executive Chairs
Designer Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic Chairs

Stylish ergonomic chairs with unique backrest structure and high density padded seat. Made by distinctive materials and innovative features that makes the chair unique.

Rossa Leather
Chair Series

Timeless and elegant leather executive chair. Sleek and quality chair in different styles such as high back executive chair, meeting, and visitor chair.

Rossa Leather Chair
meeting chairs

Drafting Counter Chairs

A type of office chair designed to provide comfort and support with adjustable height from the normal desks. This chair is a great option for user who do their work at higher surfaces.

Drafting Counter Chairs
Frey Contemporary Chair

Frey Contemporary Chair Series

Scandinavian minimalist chair, comfortable, stylish, and truly unique. This chair is crafted with premium grade fabric and reinforced stitching, balancing style and durability.

Reddot Logo
Red Dot and IF design awards stand for belonging to the best in design and business. The distinction of those awards have become established internationally as one of the most sought-after seals of quality for good design.
Poly Reddot Award

Task Chairs

Functional, promoting productivity and highly versatile for workspaces. Task chair generally have simple design and highly adjustable to accommodate different body types.

Task Chairs
Cantilever Visitor Chairs

Visitor Chairs

Distinctive design of chair that provides a unique look and feel. These chairs tend to have a modern, sleek appearance that can be a good fit for contemporary office spaces.

Multi-Purpose Chairs

Multi-Purpose Chairs
Dining Set

Dining and Training Chairs

Providing different type of chairs such as stackable chairs, foldable chairs, educational chairs and dining set.

Designer Fabric Chairs

Designer Chairs made by high quality and stylish fabric materials. Featuring innovative designs, patterns and color combinations that can make them stand out as a statement of piece.

Designer Fabric Chairs
Visitor Chairs

A Touch of Wood

Combination of stylish surface walnut texture shell and Italian genuine aniline leather cushion that perfectly fits your office interior.
Opus Genuine Aniline Leather with Wood Insert Executive Chair