Professional Desktop Power System

Complete power system designed to meet the demands of modern workplaces for faster and more adaptable solutions.

Professional Desktop Power System
LINK Interlink System Extension Cord

Under-Desk Power Management Solution

Safe and secure module connection that can interconnect 2 or more chains configuration providing solution for every installation requirement. 

Desktop Power
Management Solution

Modular desk power system that can easily adapted to meet the demands of the workplace. 

Desktop Cable Management Solution

Collection of
Desktop Power
Distribution Sockets

Full range of connectivity, innovative quality power distribution systems. We offer variety of power solutions from workstations to meeting tables.

Desktop Power Distribution Sockets
Pilar Surface Pop-up Power and USB Outlet Module

Desktop Pop-up
Power Socket

Safety and reliable module with variety type of connections and power sockets installed on your workstation.

Meeting Table
Connectivity Box

Connectivity box provides different type of data inputs, power options and other valuable connection devices that are essential for workplace and presentation needs.

Desktop USB Fast Charger
and Grommet Cover

Great way to organize cables and keep it under your desktop neatly. Variety type of USB cables are compatible considering your specified needs.