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Office Lounge Solutions

Lounge Chairs

Elegant leather lounge chair collection designed for comfort and relaxation. These chairs are genuinely soft, supportive, and made of high-quality materials. These are the best office seating solution for lounge and relaxation areas.

Leather Lounge Chair
Modular Seats

Modern Modular Seating Solutions

A collection of various modern modular seating sofas with different shapes and color options perfect for office lounge spaces.

Lounge Sofas

A bright collection of stylish sofas that will allow you to comfortably lounge in your office. With top-quality manufacturing and a wide range of materials, these sofas are the perfect solutions for your lounge area.
Skid Frame Armchairs

Skid Frame Armchairs

Fortune Lounge Chair
Lounge Seating

Fortune Lounge Chair

AED 1,350.00
Modern lounge chair, upholstered with moulded foam and cutting foam. This chair has inviting seat, structured with round two semi-circles with ample padding and looped prongs served as elevated base. This is a perfect accent chair for lounge area.
Lido Lounge Chair with Chrome Skid Frame
Spacious and fully upholstered chair with a stylish, chromed frame. The padded seat creates a sense of supreme, enveloping comfort, while still being open and welcoming. The generous seat and premium quality foam provide a high level of comfort. The outer upholstery is made by PU leather to suite every environment or interior design project.‎


Ultra-modern armchairs adding the perfect amount of playfulness to your interiors. With a range of different fabrics and designs. These armchairs may be used for a variety of functions.
Genuine Leather Sofas

A Touch
of Leather

Elegant, stylish and durable, leather
is guaranteed to make an impression. With careful stitching and top-quality materials, these sofas will tremendously upscale your interiors.

Single Seater Sofas

single seater sofa workspace
acoustic solutions

for Better

Noise and privacy can have a great
impact your employee wellness and
productivity. These smart solutions
ensure privacy and sound control, while
adding great style to your interiors.

Modern Bar Stools

Modern Bar Stools


Exceptionally designed and manufactured, Our range of coffee tables are suitable for a variety of spaces.

Innovative interior objects and elements for modern offices. 

Leather Armchairs

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Stools and Accessories