Height-adjustable Desking Solutions To Do More Better

Height-adjustability and collaborative working in one elegant solution. Enhanced your workspace so people can sit or stand in comfort, adapting position to their activities. Unique dual motor design combined with innovative acoustic panels, cabinets and collaborative elements.

Human-Centered Design

Sit-stand alternative office method has become a new trend as it’s healthy, effective and fashionable. This height adjustable sit stand desk has a large surface to work, play or read upon. 
Max Series Height Adjustable Desk
Height Adjustable Desks

Max Series® Dual Motor Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Max Series
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AED 2,080.00
Electrical control standing desk with advanced digital memory keypad stores up to four heights, allowing to move between preset positions with tough of a bottom. Small digital screen also displays the current height of the desk. Dual motor for smooth lifting process, Synchronous low noise. Three stage leg design, maximum height of 130cm
Max Case

More Than Just An Height Adjustable Workstation

Max Workstation

Work comfortably either sitting or standing. This desk comes with a fixed power sockets on the frame. Height Adjustable Desks tangibly adds to the quality of your work, allowing you to work at a higher function all day long. A Business Insider study showed “standing yields up to 10% more productivity with higher energy levels, improved concentration, and fewer headaches Sit to Stand Desks drastically reduce lower back pain just by periodically standing throughout your day. That’s according to research done at the Cornell University Department of Ergonomics that also found that “up to 90% more pressure is applied on your lower back when sitting vs. standing.

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