Moon Acoustic White Board

NOTE Mobile Acoustic White Board and Divider

2 Reviews
AED 1,750.00

Combination of mobile screen board, room divider and sound-absorber in one product.
Tempered super white glass writing board on one side, PET panels as core material and full fabric on the other side.

Fabric Color
  • Gray YM-102
  • Light Gray YM-107
  • JD-1636
  • JD-1618
  • 80x164 cm Full Glass
  • 120x164 cm Front Glass + Textile


NOTE Acoustic White Board

Note acoustic white board is a mobile glass writing board that combines board, room divider and sound-absorber in one product. The mobile board is available in two models.A model with full glass front and a large model with a built-in acoustic element at the bottom of the board. Both models have a fabric-covered back with an acoustic panel in middle. 

Acoustic White Board Workspace
2 Reviews

Modern and high quality !
Works just as expected. Wheels are balanced and easy to roll. Was concerned that the glass would be hard to write on but i am having no such problem. Very convenient

So glad I bought!
A very sturdy board and size is perfect, Its perfect for to use as visual aid for work, arrived in excellent condition with no scratches or dents.

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