Vank Mello Single Acoustic Pod

Vank Mello Single Acoustic Pod

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Single upholstered box, free standing, with upholstered back wall, and a pouf for sitting and a backrest cushion.
The pods have been designed driven by a fondness For roofed wicker beach chairs, offering a soughtafter Bit of intimacy and protection against the Wind. Even if we enjoy the hustle and bustle of open Space environments, we do appreciate moments of Break from it.

Fabric Color
  • FHR-02
  • FHR-03
  • FHR-05
  • FHR-06
  • FHU-08
  • FHU-10



Vank_mello is a family of acoustic solutions that owe their aesthetic comfort to pleasant soft lines and a broad range of sound-absorbing Fabrics available in plenty of colours.

A system of acoustic open phone booths and pods, poufs, armchairs, and fully upholstered walls, ready to be arranged in many ways. The body of the sides feature is a special layered structure, which grants an increased level of isolation from the surrounding noise. The sound-absorbing fabrics and upholstery absorb external noise, providing optimal conditions for a confidential conversation. The product upholstery comes in many different colour sets and is made with a broad range of high-performance fabrics. Open pods for one user is fitted with a seat and a lumbar support cushion. Pods for multiple users are available with seats or lumbar support cushions, with a low or high table on a steel frame, with the tabletop made of SwissCDF board in graphite or white colour. Optional features: LED lighting and a connection panel.


Vank_mello products become oases of silence In office environments and in public spaces, isolating those inside from the surrounding hurly-burly. They offer a space to relax, gather one’s thoughts, and focus during an important phone call.

Vank Acoustic
Production & Delivery Time: 6-8 Weeks
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