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Laya Super Ergonomic  Chair
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Laya Cover Zoom
Front - Laya
Laya Super Ergonomic  Chair
Side - Laya Super Ergonomic

Laya Super Ergonomic with Paddle Shift Control Executive Office Chair

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Laya Blends the fantastic traditional ancient design pattern into ergonomic chair by the representing nationality cultures such as ancient India, Tu and the Miao nationality. unique pattern on each hand-made fabric by using joint way to revivify the real flaw and create nostalgic atmosphere.


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Classical retrospective combine with the modern technology, make Laya surpass the modern styles, take you into the ancient nationality's retrospective feelings. 

  • Sync-Sliding Structure
    When sitting on the chair, the backrest tilt will drive the seat sliding forward smoothly to avoid the legs been pressed.The gravity of the chair will move forward, this will make the backrest tilt angel’s reach 56 degree in safe and comfortable condition.

  • Paddle Shift Wire Control system
    The chair is adopted the leading armrest tilt control system which is designed by Gaotian. The backrest tilt and chair seat height can be adjusted through the paddle on the armrest, achieving the most comfortable position conveniently, it is 8 times faster than normal chair.

  • A’PAS (Automatic Sitting Posture Adapting system)
    When the backrest is locked, the backrest tilt will drive the seat forward within 23 degrees to adapt different person’s weight, posture, sitting habit . Users can stop at the most comfortable position without any operation.
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5 Year Limited Warranty
Delivery Time: 2-4 Working Days
Chair Ergonomics
2D Adjustable Armrest
4 Tilt Locking Position
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Adjustable Seat
Synchro Tilt
Tilt with Adjustable Tilt Tension
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